David Russell plays Canción para ti

There is no words to describe how I feel, Since I was little, he has been our hero and reference, he is an authentic guitar legend, Thank you Maestro for making a dream come true! Beyond that, he is a humble person that it overwhelms you and makes you feel at home thank you maestro.

Inspired by the beautiful version that David Russell performed, I felt the need to play (and with the license of the creator, arrange it for my guitar and my taste) this beautiful «Song», by the great young composer Aureo A. Puerta Carreño. This song is a jewel for us, it is something very beautiful, sentimental, melancholic, melodious, sweet, and everything else you can imagine whenever you talk or think about love. My version conceives wide sonority, somewhat if you want, orchestral or pianistic. I hope you enjoy it.

Marco Tamayo

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«Canción para ti» / «Song for you», is a beautiful work composed by Aureo Puerta Carreño,
and recorded by different interpreters  around the world.
You can buy any of its different editions, authorized by the composer, by entering the following link:

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Aureo Puerta Carreño I Classical Guitarist and Composer I 2020
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Weston, Florida

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